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Qwa-che Baytrice Moore (April 12, 1994 – April 22, 2018)

Qwa-che Baytrice Moore (April 12, 1994 – April 22, 2018)

Service Date: May 4, 2018
Time of Service: 11:30 AM
Location of Service: Golden’s Funeral Home, Winter Park, FL

Date of Visitation: May 4, 2018
Time of Visitation: 11:00 AM – 11:30 AM
Location of Service: Golden’s Funeral Home, Winter Park, FL


Remembering Qwa-che…

Qwa-chea happy baby

Qwa-che Baytrice Moore was born April 12, 1994 in Lansing Michigan. A very happy baby, she started walking at only 9 months. Qwa-che grew up very close to Zana Woodson and Iman Verser; sharing birthdays only months apart. They even celebrated their sweet 16 together in New York city on the show 106 & Park. Qwa-che often talked about her experience in New York with her cousins.

Qwa-chea carefree bubbly attitude

When Qwa-che reached school age her mom Renee Moore moved she and her brother Maurice Smith to Florida in 2000. Qwa-che was definitely a busy body growing up always happy, always getting into something. Qwa-che having such a bubbly carefree attitude always tried to make those around her laugh.  Even her teacher would laugh under her breath at some of the things Qwa-che did.  She was known for taking over the class and the teacher would send home notes about the silly things she did to make others smile.

Qwa-chehigh school and ROTC

In 2007 James Chambers entered Qwa-che’s life never having a daughter of his own, James took over the necessary steps and took over the responsibilities of fatherhood. Qwa-che attended Avalon Middle School where she met her two best friends Jalisha Oracius and Angelica Marroquin who were neighbors. They spent every moment of the day with each other at Timber Creek High School; where Qwa-che spent 4 years in the ROTC program. She also volunteered for Community Services helping the community. She attended art, aquaculture and was also on the weightlifting team for 2 years. She was always known and recognized for her Carefree bubbly happy-go-lucky attitude. Qwa-che graduated Timber Creek High School in 2013.

Qwa-chea loving mother

Qwa-che didn’t date until she was 18, she didn’t have much experience in relationships.  When she got pregnant with her first boyfriend at 21 she thought it was going to be like a story in a book but he also took her kindness for weakness. Qwa-che was so happy about her pregnancy. Zion King Henderson was born January 19th 2015. Qwa-che often called her dad James to babysit and he was a happy grandfather to do so. Shortly after Zion’s birth Qwa-che met David Russell.

Qwa-chea new relationship

After being friends for some time David asked if he could date Qwa-che. They started a relationship and then started a family. Then came Jada princess Russell Jaden Prince Russell born April 7, 2016 and then came the Zemiarh Queen Russell born August 15 2017. David Russell also has 2 older children Davida and David Russell.  Qwa-che admired her two stepchildren always on her phone telling me about them praising their accomplishments. David and Qwa-che were starting a new chapter in their life together with engagement in the air.

He often encouraged Qwa-che to go to school and get her nursing licenses because he wanted to build a retirement business and let her run it. David often mentioned how he wanted to be at home more with the kids and not work so much. Qwa-che was very excited when she was approved to go to school. When she found out her cousin Quina Carrington was coming to Florida to she was glad and talked about it often. Qwa-che often mentored Jamela and Jamena Toby they are more than friends they are her twin nieces and her god sister Katia Paul.

Qwa-cheentering heaven

Qwa-che Baytrice Moore passed away on Sunday April 22, 2018, 10 days after her 24th birthday. She was simply using the restroom while on her phone and suddenly painlessly passed away. I know Qwa-che entered into heaven on this day. I have had several different confirmations she’s there. Qwa-che Will Be Loved and missed dearly by all of her family in Michigan.  We have a huge family base there all very loving and all have a special relationship with God, so I know they all are praying often on Qwa-che’s behalf. I’m praying as a mother for strength. Qwa-che will also be loved and missed dearly from her family and friends here in Florida; they have always been so inspirational and positive about her life. And she is definitely going to be missed dearly by her fiance David Russell along with her two stepchildren Davida and David Russell, Qwa-che’s four children Zion, Jada, Jaden and Samira. There are no words to describe how much she will be missed by the person who brought her life along and by Qwa-che’s brother Maurice Smith. The pain on how much we are going to miss her…

Renee Michelle Chambers

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